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Specifications and Precautions For The Use of Centrifuges

Nov. 06, 2020

The purpose

Correctly use Vertical Centrifuges.

Scope of application

This operating procedure is suitable for the use of benchtop centrifuges.

operating procedures

1.Check whether the centrifuge accessories are complete before use

2. Before powering on, check whether the shaft in the Centrifuge is normal

3. Check whether the rotor in the centrifuge is tightened

4. Whether the weighing sample test tube is suitable

5. Place an equal amount of sample in the test tube, and then place it symmetrically on the rotor

6. Tighten the cover screw and cover the door

Vertical Centrifuges

Vertical Centrifuges

7. Turn on the power switch, the power indicator light is on

8. Rotate the timer to the required time

9. Turn the speed control knob, the rotor will start to run, and the tachometer pointer will indicate the actual speed

10. After the rotor runs to the set time, the Automatic Centrifuge starts to automatically slow down until it stops completely, and the tachometer pointer returns to the zero position

11. Open the lid and take out the test tube

12. Turn off the power.

matters needing attention

1.It is forbidden to place any objects on the cover to avoid unevenness and affect the use of the instrument

2. When the instrument is not in use, please unplug the power plug connected to the external power grid

3. After the experiment, wipe the rotor and the instrument clean

4. Place the equipment on a flat operating table to prevent damage to the equipment due to unbalanced shafts when the equipment is started

5. The samples must be placed symmetrically during centrifugation, and asymmetric placement is strictly prohibited

6. Never open the cover when the speed has not completely stopped

7. After the rotor cover is tightened, there must be no gap between the rotor and the rotor cover with your fingers. If there is a gap, unscrew and re-tighten the centrifuge until it is confirmed that there is no gap.

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