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Troubleshooting For Common Use of Centrifuge

Dec. 03, 2020

The centrifuge uses the strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge rotor to accelerate the sedimentation speed of particles in the liquid, and separate substances with different sedimentation coefficients and buoyancy densities in the sample. Therefore, it is necessary to use a centrifuge to generate a strong centrifugal force to force these particles to overcome diffusion and produce a settling motion.

What happens when we use the centrifuge?

The phenomenon that the motor cannot be started often occurs during use:

1.The main power indicator light is on. At this time, check the wear of the carbon brushes. If the wear of the carbon brushes exceeds one third of the total, replace the carbon brushes in time.

2. When the main power indicator light is off, check whether the indicator fuse and the indoor power distribution board fuse are blown, and check whether the power cord is in good contact. If the fuse is blown, replace the fuse and keep the circuit open.

3. Check the vacuum pump gauge and the oil pressure indication value. If the oil pressure is too high and the main engine cannot be started, you must check whether the oil passages are blocked, especially whether the throttle orifice is unblocked. If not, clean it to make it unblocked.

4. The bearing is damaged or the rotation is blocked, the friction resistance increases due to lack of oil in the bearing or more dirt in the bearing, and the motor cannot reach the rated speed. The bearing should be cleaned or replaced in time.

5. There is a layer of oxide on the surface of the commutator, even if it is burnt to be uneven or the brush does not match the outer edge of the commutator, the speed can decrease. The commutator and brush should be cleaned to make good contact.

6. If there is a short circuit or open circuit in the rotor coil, check with a multimeter and rewind the coil. When the rotor is in use, the Centrifuge tube may rupture, sample leakage, and the rotor may be damaged due to metal fatigue, overspeed, overstress, chemical corrosion, improper selection, unbalanced rotor in use, and temperature out of control.

For the above situations, the operator is mainly required to master the operating procedures, correctly select the appropriate centrifuge tube and centrifuge rotor, pay attention to strictly control each step of the operation sequence, minimize unnecessary human damage, and use the rotor within the safety factor and guarantee period .

Vertical Centrifuges

Vertical Centrifuges

Power supply problem:

1.Power failure is one of the reasons that cause the refrigerator to start and the cooling effect is poor. It is the same as the failure of the motor not rotating. The power supply and the fuse should be checked separately.

2. If the voltage is too low, the failure of the safety device can also cause the refrigerator to fail to start. If the voltage is too low, it may be caused by the low voltage of the power grid; Insufficient power cord capacity will not only reduce the voltage, but also cause accidents. When the power supply voltage drops to 180-190VJ, the refrigerator cannot start, which affects the cooling effect.

3. Poor ventilation performance. If the instrument is installed in direct sunlight or poorly ventilated places, the effect of the radiator is poor, or the radiator cover is full of dust, it will also affect the cooling effect.

4. The weight of the centrifuge tube of the Vertical Centrifuges is unbalanced, and the placement is asymmetrical; there is foreign matter in the rotor hole, which makes the load unbalanced; the fixed nut on the upper end of the rotating shaft is loose, and the rotating shaft is rubbed or bent; the motor rotor is not in the center of the magnetic field and will produce noise; Damage to the body can cause severe vibration and abnormal noise.

Most of the above reasons are caused by incorrect operation. After finding the cause, correct operation can eliminate the abnormal phenomenon. In the course of work, if any abnormal phenomenon occurs, the machine should be shut down immediately and must not be operated forcibly to avoid unnecessary losses.

Centrifuge maintenance and precautions:

1.The installation of the centrifuge should be based on the performance of the centrifuge to choose the location of cooperation. For general low-speed centrifuges, it can be placed on a stable and firm table.

2. Large-capacity low-speed centrifuges, High-Speed Centrifuges and high-speed refrigerated centrifuges should be placed on a solid ground and placed horizontally. Before selecting a suitable rotor centrifuge, the load should be balanced. The smaller the weight error, the better, otherwise it will cause severe vibration and damage the centrifuge rotor and shaft.

3. Centrifuge stand The centrifuge separation stand must be operated after installing the centrifuge tube, and it is strictly forbidden to operate on an empty rack.

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